FinishesPainted Harbor and Maple Rye

The finish of your cabinets has a major influence on the overall look and feel of your space. Find the perfect fit for your style.


Maple is a wonderfully versatile finish, because it works for nearly any style. It’s a beautiful choice for craftsman-inspired cabinets, but sleek enough to work in a midcentury modern kitchen, especially the darker stains. Maple can range from white and blonde tones to reddish brown ones. It has a beautiful grain, which will become more prominent when stained. The lighter finishes also tend to become golden with time.


With its pine knots, sap pockets, and lovely grain variations, cherry is a classic favorite for those who love the comfort and character of hardwood. It makes a kitchen ooze love and warmth, and looks gorgeous in a variety of cabinet styles. Ranging from pale yellow to deep reddish browns with occasional shades of white, green, pink or gray, cherry has a timeless feel, and looks rich and deep when stained. As with most hardwood, cherry darkens gradually over time.


Painted finishes feel fresh, crisp, and clean. They work very well with most transitional cabinet styles, looking as beautiful in a cottage kitchen as a contemporary one. To achieve this finish, we apply paint to a blend of hardwood and engineered materials. This creates a finish for your  cabinets that is durable and features a consistent coverage. The paint color may change slightly over time, and you may notice visible joint lines, caused by expansion and contraction.


If you’re looking for durability, and a cabinet that is easy to clean and won’t warp with moisture, Duraform is a great option. Duraform uses the latest technology to bond a finish to composite wood. Choose from seven different colors, from crisp Linen to the rich, dark look of the Cascade  textured finish. Duraform finishes have a consistent look, and provide exceptional stability.