How much does it all cost?

This interactive tool we’ll help you get a rough estimate.  The costs for each selection are based on non-sale prices of actual products at Lowe’s. However, there’s often a good promotion available so keep that in mind as you see the estimate build.  Also, be sure to check out the current promotion on Shenandoah cabinets (in the banner above) for another way to bring down your overall costs and get more from your budget.
You’ll need to take a few room measurements before you get started. Here’s a digital worksheet to record your measurements.


Go ahead and play around with different selections and watch the side calculator update in real time.  We think it’s a slick way to learn how different choices impact the total cost of a remodeling project.

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    Kitchen Dimensions

    Room Size

    Measure the length and width of the room using a tape measure. You can either round up to whole feet (10 = 10 feet) or add a decimal point to increase the accuracy of the estimate (10.5 = 10’ 6’).

    Kitchen Configuration

    Include An Island?

    Measure and record your island’s measurements the same way. If you don’t have an island, but have been dreaming of one, here’s your chance. If you don’t have or need an island, skip this step.


    Cabinet Length

    Now the tricky part: measure the combined length of your upper cabinets. Do this by measuring the length of each section of cabinets (don’t measure the spaces where appliances or gaps exist) and adding the lengths together. Enter this number. Now do the same for the lower cabinets.

    Cabinet Style

    Now for the fun part. Pick your favorite Shenandoah cabinet style and finish. The available finishes vary with each collection.

    • Warren Maple Rye
    • Mission Maple Rye
    • Stemson Maple Rye
    • Breckenridge Maple Rye
    • Irvington Maple Rye
    • Dominion Maple Rye
    • Edgeworth Maple Rye
    • Cottage Maple Rye
    • McKinley Maple Rye
    • Sydney Maple Rye
    • Cardiff Duraform Linen
    • Audrey Duraform Linen

    Cabinet Construction

    Decide if you want our standard construction, or to upgrade to all plywood cabinet boxes.

    • Standard Cabinet Construction
    • All Plywood Construction


    Countertop Material

    Let’s put some counter tops on those beautiful cabinets. Pick your favorite material and then select the level of quality you want (good, better or best). Of course, choosing a higher quality will increase your estimate.



    If you’re replacing your flooring, check “yes”. If you’re keeping what you have, check “no”. Then select the material and quality you desire.


    Now come your dream appliances. Click to select every new appliance you’ll need. Then select the quality/price level (good, better, best). Play around with your choices to see how it impacts your estimate, and remember, these are all retail estimates and good sales are often available at your local Lowe’s.

    Understanding Your Estimated Total

    Totals presented are an estimate only.  Actual project costs will vary.
    Estimated totals do not include promotions, discounts, tax, or delivery.
    Please speak with a Lowe's associate for an estimate specifically tailored to your kitchen project.