Create a Furniture-Style Look with Kitchen Cabinets


A Custom Look is Within Reach

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, most of us crave a custom design, something unique to just our home. With the right cabinet components and a little creativity, you can customize any kitchen with furniture-style details. The simple addition of adding items such as, furniture feet or legs, trim and other accents will give that built-in, furniture-style feel.

Dress Up the Island

Create a statement that you want to be a focal point. You can personalize your island by adding items like decorative door panels and furniture legs for that custom look. Decorative door panels embellish the back and sides of the cabinets to dress up the island and make it look like an authentic furniture piece with the help of decorative legs.

Furniture legs come in an array of styles, from ornate detail to simple clean squared legs, furniture legs are always eye catching and an easy way to elevate your look. Place the legs at the ends of your island or work them into your cabinet layout, flanking a sink or cooktop. In general, legs with more detail are better suited for traditional or rustic designs. Simple, clean legs work best with contemporary and modern designs.

A Crowning Achievement

Your designer can use moldings to complete the space and turn your cabinets into an eye-catching masterpiece.  Not only does crown molding help to fill the gap between wall cabinets and the ceiling, it adds dimension and elegance that contributes to the overall feel of the space. Try using molding in unconventional ways, such as picture framing to display artwork between wall cabinets or at the bottom of base cabinets to give that furniture feel.

Base molding can add unique detail and architectural interest. There are a variety of moldings that can be used on the bottom of cabinets, consider using a proliferated edge molding or a wall valance trimmed to fit at the corner of base cabinets. Coast lining cabinets with bottom molding and decorative feet creates a furniture-style look that elevates any living space.

Furniture with Flare

Consider adding accent cabinets that take your space to the next level. Whether clear, frosted or seeded, specialty glass doors set the stage for a glimpse of fine dishware and alluring décor. Integrating a plate or wine rack cabinet into open storage with small spice drawers is not only uber-functional but also provides a focal point and gives a built-in look.

Open space for a built-in hutch with added beadboard creates a textured background for the items on display. Beadboard is timeless and adds a bit of detail without compromising the simplicity of your design.  It’s perfect for rustic, farmhouse, or cottage designs.

There are many accent cabinets to choose from and they can be used in a multitude of ways and locations. These types of display can make your space feel open and inviting, which lets you and your guest feel right at home.